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Refinancing Your Home

Refinancing is typically a straightforward process.  Many people refinance to reduce their monthly payment or interest rates. Still others refinance to retire debt or obtain some of the equity from their home.  But in any case there are usually three primary factors that come into play on a Refinance:

  • Home Value – The amount of the mortgage and the appraised value of your home will determine if you are eligible for a refinance.  The Loan-to-Value ratio must be within a certain range in order to refinance the home.
  • Credit Score – If you credit score is about the same or better than when you last financed your home, chances are good that you will qualify.  However if your credit has dropped, then this could be an area that needs closer attention.
  • Debt Ratio – Assuming you income has not dropped and your monthly expenses have not increased or stay in balance, then you should be okay.  But if income dropped or expenses increased, that may present challenges.

We are experts on the many refinance programs available.  You may use our website for informational resources or Contact Us for assistance.

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